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Fertility Problems and options

Fortunately, if you have a fertility problem today, there are a number of options in your hand to overcome the situation.

About 90% of couples with fertility problems who have children were treated for their problems.

Thus, the first recommendation is to always start with the less complex alternative, there are plenty of alternatives available today such as:

Fertility Drugs: When there is a problem or hormonal imbalance (both men and women) the reproductive system can malfunction. These treatments are compatible with others such as artificial insemination.

Artificial insemination

Surgery in case of fallopian tubes obstruction, endometriosis, fibroids,…


On the other hand, we must never forget the importance relating to emotional stress throughout the entire process.

In order to lower it, it is convenient to treat it either with family or friends, support groups, or even a with a professiona … to help us cope with the situation.

Surely will help you control stress levels and have more chance of success in the whole process.

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